Who Are We?

An eclectic mix of characters, qualifications, skills and experience - some analytical, some creative, but all positive. We have developed a talented and enthusiastic workforce to ensure you are provided with top level support throughout your project.

Meet The Team

  • Colin Dymond

    Colin is one of our very dedicated eightspace project managers and is a bit of a workaholic. So much so in fact that he often takes his laptop and site drawings with him into the shower.

  • Bia Lorenzo

    Bia adds a colourful South American flair to our design department and she is also organising our very first company carnival. (Wait till you see Dan’s sparkly outfit)

  • Anthony Mallard

    When Anthony, our Production Manager, isn’t hard at work in our warehouse, he enjoys painting fine works of art. His most famous piece is entitled, ‘Polar bear eats marshmallows in snow storm’.

  • Andrew Ball

    Andrew is such an accomplished salesman that he has successfully managed to sell ice-cream in Alaska, mittens in the Amazon and hairdryers to the International Bald Men’s Association.

  • Dan Jones

    Dan manages our marketing material including our websites and blogposts. His real passion however is for the cinema, and to make him feel more at home we ensure the carpet around his desk is constantly sticky.

  • Dave Stanley

    Dave is both the literal and metaphorical father figure of the office. He is also responsible for, and relied upon, to let us know when it’s Friday, without which we would surely work through till Saturday.

  • Emma Hewison

    As well as supporting the Sales Team, Emma is our multi-talented musician and baker! Her speciality is desserts; she’s been known to whip up a chocolate and pecan tart whilst playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the piano.

  • Garth Davey

    On top of impressive financial management skills, Garth has extensive knowledge of lateral thinking puzzles, taxidermy and the exploits of Archibald Haddock.

  • Kasia Waleszczynska

    Kasia is a very hard working member of our team, working in support of furniture sales and also heading up our in house cake investigation unit. They are currently investigating the disappearances of two chocolate fudges and a coffee and walnut.

  • Truan Stanley

    An avid footballer, Truan made his debut at Office Profile in June 2018 joining the Operations Team. He is often seen tackling logistical issues to keep the ball rolling (all puns intended).

  • Dan Muraszko

    When Dan isn’t writing up comprehensive quotes for customers, he can often be found playing the drums for the amusement of one or more intergalactic warlord’s.

  • Emma Betts

    Emma has discovered a plus side to having both parents as teachers….she can embark on her ‘crazy’ educational interior designs with confidence, knowing that they will get meticulously examined at home for any flaws!

  • Daryl Stanley

    Like all great and glorious leaders Daryl can be found at the head of the charge, banner held aloft as his followers are spurred on to victory by his rousing rhetoric, “Once more unto the breach my employees!”

  • Fraser Thomson

    Frasers original brand of easy going nature inter mixed with witty quips has had such a positive influence on the office, it is now available as a twelve part self-help course on cassette.

  • Lucy Knappett

    Lucy is a crucial member of the accounts team and spends some of her time dealing with HMRC, much to her dismay. She has in fact become such a good negotiator that she is often called in to assist in the odd hostage situation or embassy siege.

  • Philippa Moss

    It is a little known fact that aside from managing projects for eightspace, Philippa is a member of a secret and very ancient society of furniture designers, who are said to have created the very first sofa-bed way back in 1264 AD.

  • Russell Gould

    Typically, our purchasing manager Russell is calm and collected. However it is said that when the moons of Venus are perfectly aligned he begins to run around the office excitedly and jump onto the furniture.

  • Rafael Pimpao

    Raf is an avid glider pilot, but he can only go on flights less than 1 hour long due to a lack of mid-flight coffee refuelling stations!! We are worried this frustration is subliminally affecting his work, the visuals last week were all at a birds-eye view!

  • Vithi Siritharan

    By day Vithi works in our accounts department but she also leads a secret life as an adventurer and obtainer of rare antiquities, whose travels have taken her as far as Eldorado and the lost city of Atlantis.

  • Bill Stanley

    Being at the helm of Office Profile takes a lot of dedication and hard work especially at networking events. Just imagine the amount of champagne you’d have to drink. Bill manages to endure it, all for the greater good.

  • Jenna Spicer

    Jenna leads the design department at eightspace with a wealth of interior design knowledge. She is also fond of gardening and judging twirling and hopes to combine the two. We look forward to seeing vegetable dancing on our screens soon.

  • Angi Boucher-Clift

    Angi helps ensure Office Profile projects run smoothly and efficiently. She has already swapped all company car tyres to super softs and managed to reduced pit stop times when out on appointments down to 3.2 seconds.

  • Roger Thomson

    Roger has amassed a wealth of office fit-out and furniture knowledge over the years so much so in fact that he hopes to one day publish a book entitled ‘A brief history of lumbar support and adjustable arm rests’

  • Dragos Badoid

    Dragos is a hardworking and efficient Warehouse Manager who has mastered overseeing furniture production and distribution- all with a cup of tea in hand.

  • Michael Hetherington

    Michael has done very well in his role as a project manager, much better than his brief foray into sheep herding where his inability to whistle caused a few communication issues with his ‘colleagues’.

  • Paula Millstone

    Having a fitness trainer as a husband keeps Paula fit and healthy enabling her to stay on top of our deliveries & contractors in her role as Project Support. The weekly spinning classes are paying off with all the running around the warehouse she does.

  • Marcus Wheeler

    Our Latte Art King, Marcus is ever the perfectionist whether it’s estimating the value of a new project or creating a work of art in a mug! We’re waiting for him to master Dave Stanley’s face in Latte form.

  • Victoria Turier-Duerden

    A Design Technician inside and outside of the office, Victoria’s modified black cab is very impressive. It comes in handy when meeting clients – but please don’t put the meter on, Victoria!

  • Luís Felício

    As well as our Revit Technician, Luís was previously in the army. It is under his relaxed camouflage that he finds perfect cover to face the deadlines.

  • Gilly Maher

    Need a new jumper this winter? Speak to Gilly in the Business Development Team, she is offering all her new leads a pair of gloves and a matching scarf as modelled by her Cockapoodle.

  • Arno Van Bodegom

    Our South African Finance Director is a whizz with numbers, particularly air miles! If not with his family travelling around South Africa or Lapland, he can be spotted in our Gatwick office watching the planes and trying to decide his next destination!

  • Maria Harris

    Maria, dedicated to Project Support, will always go the extra mile – on her motorbike. You’ll often catch Maria racing around the office on her motorbike to ensure that our projects are always completed on time.

  • Matthew Henderson

    When not managing projects, Matthew likes to coach his son’s rugby club, defend his STRAVA KOM, and drink whisky, although he hasn’t managed all three at once yet.

  • Claire Wingate

    Don’t be surprised if our fencing superstar arrives to a meeting in full duelling kit! While a little unusual this approach seems to work as she pulls in the leads for the Business Development Team – she insists it isn’t at all threatening!

  • Lewis Clarke

    Both a skilled barber and fitness enthusiast, Lewis ensures that production and organisation of the warehouse is kept a cut above the rest.

  • Steve Butler

    When Steve isn’t hard at work for the Business Development Team, he enjoys learning about ancient history and has a talent for singing! We wonder if he could combine the two for a once in a lifetime rendition of the greatest historical events since 3000BC.

  • Andrea Merle

    From the French Riviera, Andrea’s passion for travel and managerial experience brings in new and exciting business opportunities for Office Profile. Although, all great business connections are best made with a glass of wine in the sun.

  • Matt Hoy

    A keen mountain biker and manager of downhill mountain bike races, Matt channels his love for speed by making sure projects are moving at a quick pace to the finish line!

  • Amy Newham

    Amy utilises her love for art into creating new and exciting digital content and overseeing our social media channels. We are waiting to see a life size oil painting of the team very soon.

  • Linda Evans

    HR Director Linda not only conquers the daily deadlines, but the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales! She says the key to her success is having a bottle of Prosecco on hand to celebrate!

  • Sheldon Gurr

    Scoring wins both in and out of the office, Sheldon’s skills in football help kick off new opportunities for the Business Development Team. You could say he is very goal orientated.

  • Fran Fraser

    Our car-boot fanatic Fran loves discovering and upcycling vintage furniture, inspired by her passion for all things design! So much so, it led her to her role as our newest Revit Technician.