Office Relocation

Office relocation can be very disruptive to the running of a company, and concerns about downtime and costs are very real. Office Profile manage the entire relocation process for you including IT & Server relocation – proving the benefit of a reliable and experienced partner.

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As part of your project we are able to offer a full relocation service to your new premises.

We have developed a number of strategies that enable us to deliver a highly organised and precise move, working over the weekend or even through the night, and co-ordinating the relocation of all  equipment including server racks and IT equipment.

Each step of your move will be fully planned and detailed prior to your relocation then carried out with military precision.

The weekend of the move is probably the most stressful part of the entire office relocation process. Your move management consultant will bear the burden of the physical move and ease your transition.  This will enable you and your team to concentrate on making your staff feel welcome and ready to tackle the week ahead.